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We can provide several types of Studies, such as :

  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Building Condition Review;
  • Needs Analysis;
  • Construction Cost Estimates;
  • Operation Cost Estimates;
  • Energy Saving Analysis;
  • Energy Model;
  • Greenhouse Diagnostics;Etc.

The Programming phase is certainly the most important phase of a greenhouse project. During the programming, the specific users’ needs are established in respect to the available budget. During this phase, the design team meets several times with the users groups to identify in detail their needs and expectations. A preliminary construction cost estimate is also provided. Finally, a program document is written by our design team and upon Client’s approval, this document becomes the baseline for the entire greenhouse construction project.  The success in the programming lies in the consultants’ understanding of the user’s needs and requirements.

Complete Design
Our design team (engineers and technicians) can provide the complete design of the mechanical and electrical systems and components, required for the greenhouse complex. Those systems are greenhouse structure and glazing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, shade systems, fogging, supplemental lighting, irrigation, fertilization, plumbing, electrical and greenhouse computerized control system.

Drawings and Specifications
Our team can provide COMPREHENSIVE AND COORDINATED drawings and specification documents.  As prime consultant or sub-consultant to architects and/or other engineer firms, we can provide construction documents, which allow for competitive bidding.

Shop Drawings Review
The shop drawing review is an important phase of a greenhouse construction project. This is the final opportunity to verify that construction is done according to the bid documents.

Construction Administration
During the construction phase, member(s) from our team will be on the construction site for several site visits at specific and strategic periods, to verify that the construction is done according the construction documents, the shop drawings and the site conditions.  Our team’s experience can not only solve but anticipate problems that generally occur on greenhouse construction sites.

Start-up and Commissioning
Once the construction phase is completed, we spend several days on site, along with the contractors, for the start-up, commissioning and intensive performance verification of the greenhouses. Each and every component and system is tested to make sure the client gets exactly what he expects and deserves.

Sustainable Designs and Considerations

Some examples of strategies reducing energy inputs, environmental impacts and water consumptions.

  • site selection
  • maximisation of growing space (bench ratio)
  • high performance glazing system
  • use of natural passive free ventilation
  • use of shade/thermal motorized blankets
  • black-out curtain, for more effective lighting system
  • evaporative cooling strategy
  • efficient HID lighting system
  • dedicated computerized computer control system
  • use of local/regional materials and components
  • rain water harvesting
  • recirculating irrigation water
  • use of solar energy to temper irrigation water supplies
  • use of alternative non-fossil energy sources (ex: geothermal)
  • LEED principles
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